Maven git commit id plugin

Did you ever had the problem that you did not know which version of your application was deployed on e.g. a test environment? Or you had to manually adapt version information for each release in order to make it available in an About-dialog? Then the Maven git commit id plugin comes to the rescue! In this post, we will build a Spring Boot application with a RESTful webservice for retrieving versioning information. The only thing we will have to do, is to configure theĀ Maven git commit id plugin and create the webservice. After this, versioning information is automatically updated during each build!

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Java 9 Modules directives (part 3)

In this last post about Java 9 modules we will take a closer look at some of the modules directives. We will explain what they mean and show the usage by means of an example. We will build upon the example used in part 1 and part 2, it is advised to read these posts before continue reading. The sources used in this post are available on GitHub in branch feature/modules-directives.

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Java 9 Modules with IntelliJ and Maven (part 2)

In this post we will take a closer look at Java 9 Modules. The focus lies on how modules affect us when using an IDE like IntelliJ and using a build tool like Maven. It is advised to read the post Java 9 Modules introduction (part 1). We will use the same example, starting with a single module application and afterwards converting it into a multi-module application. The examples used, can be found on GitHub.

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