Getting Started With RSocket Part 2

In this blog, you will continue where you left off after Part 1. You will explore the RSocket communication models Fire-and-Forget, Request-Stream and Channel. For all of these models, you will create the server, client and a unit test.

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Getting Started With RSocket Part 1

In this blog, you will learn the basics of RSocket, a binary application protocol which supports Reactive Streams. After the introduction, you will learn how to use RSocket in combination with Spring Boot. Enjoy!

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What Is Your Test Quality?

You have consistently written unit tests and you have a line coverage of, let us say, 80% and all of your tests pass. Pretty good, isn’t it? But then you change your code and still all of your tests pass although you have changed code which is covered by your unit tests. In this post, we will take a look at mutation testing which will test the quality of your unit tests.

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How to Mock a Rest API in Python

A few posts ago, we published a blog about how to use the Jira API. We did not write any unit tests for the application we wrote and that is exactly what we are going to do now. More specifically, we will focus on how we can unit test a Rest API.

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