Java lambdas revisited

This week we will take a look at lambda expressions. We will take a look at some basics, show some of the standard functional interfaces, show how lambdas can be used with Streams and at the end it is shown how method references can be used. After reading this, you will have some basic knowledge of lambda expressions. The examples can be found at GitHub in the repository

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Java 9: Collections, Streams

In this second post about Java 9, we will focus on changes in the Collections and Streams API in the Java language. Examples can be downloaded via the following git repository: . The examples in the post below can be executed with JShell, the examples on GitHub contain the examples with unit tests.

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Installation Eclipse with Java 9

Java 9 has been released recently. The upcoming posts will be dedicated to Java 9 and the new features it has to offer. First post in this series is installation of Eclipse with Java 9. If you are using IntelliJ, just install IntelliJ, locate the java 9 SDK and you can start right away. Continue reading “Installation Eclipse with Java 9”