Getting Started With RSocket Part 1

In this blog, you will learn the basics of RSocket, a binary application protocol which supports Reactive Streams. After the introduction, you will learn how to use RSocket in combination with Spring Boot. Enjoy!

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How to Start Contributing to Open Source

Every now and then, the idea of contributing to Open Source Software crosses the mind of every developer. However, often, it just remains to think about it instead of actually doing something. In this blog, I want to tell the story of my first Pull Request.

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How to Create an AWS Continuous Deployment Pipeline Cont’d

In our previous post, we showed how to create an AWS Continuous Deployment Pipeline. This post will continue where we left off. We will enhance the pipeline with a Review stage, a more efficient use of the Maven cache and add notifications to the pipeline.

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How to Create an AWS Continuous Deployment Pipeline

Creating a continuous deployment pipeline will bring us a step closer to an automated build, test, deploy strategy. In order to create such a pipeline, we need to have access to several tools. Instead of installing these on on-premise servers, we can make use of the AWS cloud offer. Let’s see how this can be accomplished!

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How to Deploy a Spring Cloud Function on AWS Lambda

In this post, we will create a Spring Cloud Function and create some unit tests for it. We will do so by creating a function with Bean definition and with the functional style. At the end, we will deploy the function on AWS Lambda.

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How to Deploy a Spring Boot App to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

In this post, we are going to explore how we can deploy a simple Spring Boot application to AWS Elastic Beanstalk. We will explain how to setup an AWS account and provide a step-by-step guide how to deploy to AWS.

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Parallel Testing With Robot Framework

Did you ever encounter the problem that your regression test execution time has become so large, that you needed to wait for hours in order to get the results? This is where Pabot comes to the rescue! Pabot enables parallel test execution for your Robot Framework tests. Let’s see how this works!

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J-Spring Digital 2020 Impressions

This year’s edition of J-Spring, organized by the NLJUG, went digital due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From the 23rd up to and including the 26th of June, every day two technical talks have been held. We attended this digital version of J-Spring and want to share some of our impressions. Enjoy!

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