Spring WebFlux: a basic CRUD application (part 1)

In this post we will continue exploring the capabilities of Spring WebFlux by means of creating a basic CRUD application. We will not be using a database in this post because I did not want to be distracted with database stuff at this moment 😉 Adding a database will be handled in part 2. Furthermore, we will implement a few CRUD operations and see how we can unit test a Flux. Source code can be found at GitHub.

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Spring WebFlux: Getting started

This post will be about how I got started with Spring WebFlux. A few weeks ago, I started to read in detail about Spring WebFlux, Reactive Streams, etc. Looking back at my journey, I did things in the wrong order. In this post I have tried to structure the information, in order to give you a plan for getting started with Spring WebFlux. The examples can be found on GitHub. Continue reading “Spring WebFlux: Getting started”